Short Post

I am so tired. The kind of tired that you feel in your fingertips and into your toes. The mommy kind of tired. So I am going to go turn on Turner Classics and just hope that there is an amazing Cary Grant or Katherine Hepburn movie on because nothing makes me relax than a good old movie with lots of great one liners.

I do think about blogging everyday but finding the time to sit down and actually put words to my thoughts seems near impossible most days. My friend Ginger made a list of what her life is made up of...honestly I was getting even more tired reading it. I know that if I made one for me it would be just as long...whew! Turner Classics here I come!



"Comfort, O comfort My people" says Your God. Isaiah 40:1

The picture above is of my son Matt when he was just born. Matt is now 18 months old, but this picture captures his personality very well. Recently Zoe and Matt have started a little program at our church during the week. Zoe loves going to "school" but Matt...well, not so much.
Matt get's very anxious about being away from me. What's interesting to me is what an independent adventurous child he is when he is with me, when he is fully aware of my presence. If I however, am out of sight, he falls apart.

How is our "separation anxiety" with the Lord I wonder? How brave are we, on the other hand when we are sure His eyes are on us? Oh I want to be like Matt in this way. To receive the comfort that comes just from being in the presence of the Lord daily and then to adventurously venture out into the everydayness of my life knowing He is with me. On the other hand, if ever I sense I have left His presence may I be quick to get back to the place where I am aware of His watchful, comforting eye aware of my every move. Matt is comforted by me in a way that no one else on this planet can comfort him. That is a humbling thought and a reminder to me that my Heavenly Father can do for me what no one else can.

Our God is indeed interested in comforting us...not as we might think at times...but with His presence along the paths, however broken, we are called to walk.
Oh thank you Lord for Matt!



Wow...long time. It's been awhile! Whew...can I just say that here? 'Cause that is so how I feel when thinking about where the time has gone. I have not stopped since we got back from our vacation in July. Crazy!
So for a quick update...the highlight of my crazy month of August is that I have backed out of the part time job I was doing from home. The call came from a Beth Moore DVD where she simply said "some of us are just so overloaded we can't go on to the next thing with God." As I sat in a room filled with women I tried desperately to hide the tears that would not stop pouring down my face. All I could think about was how in 20 years it would absolutely not matter to me what I had done with creating spreadsheets or mailing packages or the myriad of other things I was doing, but what would matter is what I done with and for Jeremy, Zoe and Matt. As I wrestled with giving up this job I thought but what about the money? Almost instantaneously I sensed the Lord's kind whisper "and do you think I can't cover that?" Long story short, I am no longer doing the job. I am a wife, a mom, a friend, a sister, a cousin, a daughter and not to mention a child of God who is rediscovering the Love of Jesus through His word and listening for His voice. That is just enough for now and I am so grateful that I have the ability to do just that.



Ahhh...the feeling of being home from a long and wonderful vacation. Is there something in the human psyche that longs for the routine at times? Even for those of us who love and thrive on change from time to time, I for one was ready. Ready to be back in the predictable dailyness of life, the stuff that caring for little ones is made of.

North Carolina was heavenly. The words "I could live here" exited our lips quite often during the nine days we were away. The earth has always ministered to me in ways that nothing else really does...it just wreaks of the Creator and fills your spirit with that life-giving "fresh" air. We hiked every day (with a two year old and 15 month old...try that!). We swam and kayaked and sipped french press brewed coffee on the porch every morning overlooking the goat pasture. Yes, the goat pasture a definite hit with Zoe and Matt! Best of all was that my children were outside every day for most of the day! Just reminding me that we were truly created for the outdoors not trying to force them to play with brightly colored pieces of plastic that they really could care less about anyway. Just give them a stone path, a grassy field, some roaming creatures (goats, rabbits, geese, cats, not to mention fireflies!), sticks, dirt (especially for Matt who has aquired quite the taste for it), and they are good to go...for hours and hours on end. I so enjoyed watching my children in an environment where the "no's" were virtually nonexistent. Awesome!
Spiritually, I was stretched. For some reason the journey I have been on as a mother seemed to be more exaggerated maybe because what Jeremy and I discovered was that vacation with kids is not necessarily the vacation we were accustomed to.
When I mention the "journey of motherhood" that is code for "ultimate death of self" something I truly am not too keen about. It seems that I sense the self God is trying to pull away from me just hanging on for dear life...demanding to be fed and coddled and the Great Lover of my soul is saying Let it go girl...To which I reply "But what about me! What about my quiet time actually drinking hot coffee and not coffee that's been abandoned for yet another diaper change or breaking up of a fight? What about my time to stretch out and read that book collecting dust on my nightstand? What about my skills and gifts going unused because I just don't have time...the list goes on and on.
And then the whisper comes "to gain your life you've got to give it away...sounds familiar...sounds like "motherhood." Again my relentless Pursuer comes after this sinner turned saint in ways that I wouldn't have chosen but in ways that lead me back to Him again and again and into the delicious life He planned for me to live. So vacation was so much more than just getting away but a reminder that the little ones and husband He has so graciously gifted me with, remain the greatest tools thus far He has and is using to birth the abundant life in me. Keep it coming Lord, keep it coming, in the routine that we have returned to...keep bringing me into more and more of You.



The Jobson's are about to embark upon our first "family vacation"! We will be heading to Hendersonville North Carolina for 9 days starting Monday!!!! I am just so excited. I am hoping I get some time to blog while I am there so I can get down some of the thoughts and emotions I have been having the past few days...

In the meantime...may you be gaining ground as you journey toward Him.


Little World Changers

This is a picture of Zoe and her best friend Michael Vice...

I am praying this little ones catch a vision at a young age for all that God has for them! But for now I think they will just settle for wallypops and Finding Nemo:)


spur of the moment getaway...

Jeremy did his first wedding this weekend! I was SO proud of him! He did an awesome job. We took the opportunity to make it a weekend away. Jeremy's dad and stepmom had given us a Bed and Breakfast giftcard so we took advantage of having my mom here overnight and had a night away!!

Here are some pictures...

Me and Jer in front of the B & B.

Having our morning coffee on the front porch.

Breakfast by candle light! A first for sure!