The Jobson's are about to embark upon our first "family vacation"! We will be heading to Hendersonville North Carolina for 9 days starting Monday!!!! I am just so excited. I am hoping I get some time to blog while I am there so I can get down some of the thoughts and emotions I have been having the past few days...

In the meantime...may you be gaining ground as you journey toward Him.


Little World Changers

This is a picture of Zoe and her best friend Michael Vice...

I am praying this little ones catch a vision at a young age for all that God has for them! But for now I think they will just settle for wallypops and Finding Nemo:)


spur of the moment getaway...

Jeremy did his first wedding this weekend! I was SO proud of him! He did an awesome job. We took the opportunity to make it a weekend away. Jeremy's dad and stepmom had given us a Bed and Breakfast giftcard so we took advantage of having my mom here overnight and had a night away!!

Here are some pictures...

Me and Jer in front of the B & B.

Having our morning coffee on the front porch.

Breakfast by candle light! A first for sure!


on a pilgrimage

Yesterday, Sunday, the sermon at our church really spoke to me. I mean one of those "Maggie don't miss a word because this is ALL for you" kind of sermons. It was a message from an unlikely messenger, Dr. Sandy Shugart the President of Valencia College...but man, did he speak my language.

The message centered around Psalm 84 and in essence was on how to be regarding "work."

Perhaps the most powerful word I received was based on the part of the passage that says "as they pass through the valley of Baca, they make it a place of springs." Dr. Shugart talked about the fact that we live in the "valley" we don't live on the mountaintop...yes, we have all heard this concept before...but I have to say hearing on how to live in that valley and not just to survive but thrive and even change the landscape (making it a place of springs) I admit I haven't heard too much on this subject. What I heard was stunningly simple and recentering. First of all we draw our strength from God. It is He who is in control and any strength we will have for our valley of Baca will come from Him. Secondly, we must adopt the heart of a pilgrim. WE ARE ONLY PASSING THROUGH!!!! Travel light. Stay focused on the Desination (Zion) or in our case the Presence of God...ultimately face to face. If we adopt these truths and allow them to change us THEN as we pass through Baca, the springs, the refreshment, the blessing will come through us! I want this!

We all live in valleys. Yours looks different than mine. Mine may take on the form of a beautiful 4 foot tall blonde haired blue eyed two and a half year old. Or maybe her 3 1/2 foot, white haired, counterpart who likes to keep mom in full view every moment of every day. While I am so in love with the precious children God gifted to me and my husband and SO grateful to be home with them it is nonetheless a valley in the every day caring of little ones. (if you are a mom of small children you will need no explanation here I trust:)

I just want to be a conduit of springs in my valley called my sweet home. This is my place of work and this is the place I desire to bring the greatest blessing. I want my children and my husband to be filled to overflowing in this place, not with me but with Jesus...the Spring of Living Water embodied.

I want you, friend, to bring blessing and springs of life to your valley too. So let's pray for one another...and encourage one another in these...our valleys. Let's set our hearts toward Zion and bring blessing along the way. Knowing that our destination is HIM; a person, the God of the universe, and the lover of our souls.