Short Post

I am so tired. The kind of tired that you feel in your fingertips and into your toes. The mommy kind of tired. So I am going to go turn on Turner Classics and just hope that there is an amazing Cary Grant or Katherine Hepburn movie on because nothing makes me relax than a good old movie with lots of great one liners.

I do think about blogging everyday but finding the time to sit down and actually put words to my thoughts seems near impossible most days. My friend Ginger made a list of what her life is made up of...honestly I was getting even more tired reading it. I know that if I made one for me it would be just as long...whew! Turner Classics here I come!



"Comfort, O comfort My people" says Your God. Isaiah 40:1

The picture above is of my son Matt when he was just born. Matt is now 18 months old, but this picture captures his personality very well. Recently Zoe and Matt have started a little program at our church during the week. Zoe loves going to "school" but Matt...well, not so much.
Matt get's very anxious about being away from me. What's interesting to me is what an independent adventurous child he is when he is with me, when he is fully aware of my presence. If I however, am out of sight, he falls apart.

How is our "separation anxiety" with the Lord I wonder? How brave are we, on the other hand when we are sure His eyes are on us? Oh I want to be like Matt in this way. To receive the comfort that comes just from being in the presence of the Lord daily and then to adventurously venture out into the everydayness of my life knowing He is with me. On the other hand, if ever I sense I have left His presence may I be quick to get back to the place where I am aware of His watchful, comforting eye aware of my every move. Matt is comforted by me in a way that no one else on this planet can comfort him. That is a humbling thought and a reminder to me that my Heavenly Father can do for me what no one else can.

Our God is indeed interested in comforting us...not as we might think at times...but with His presence along the paths, however broken, we are called to walk.
Oh thank you Lord for Matt!